At our initial meeting, we will give you a company overview, answer any questions you may have, and give you an idea of the way we build and our process. We will discuss specific project goals as far as design, budget, and timeframe. If the site has already been purchased, we typically like to meet on-site weather and circumstances permitting. This allows us to be able to give you a realistic budget on site preparation and foundation costs. If you are currently looking for land and decide to move forward with Gaskill Homes, we have an in-house realtor that can assist with the purchase if desired. After the initial meeting, we can typically have a soft cost over to you within three days. If you decide to move forward, the next step would be to sign a design agreement and move on to the design phase unless plans have already been completed or purchased outside of Gaskill Homes.

Prior to our first meeting of the design phase, we will send you a New Home Design worksheet to fill out with information regarding the design of your new home. This helps us get a better understanding of what you would like and gives us some direction for our first design meeting. After the first design meeting, we will start the initial design which is a basic floorplan. We will continue to make adjustments on the initial design until you are satisfied with the design. 

From there we will move into the elevations which will give you a good idea of what it will look like when completed. Once we have finalized the elevations, you will sign off on both the floor plan and elevation. Once these are signed off, this gives us the green light to complete the rest of the drawings to complete the set. We will have one final review when all drawings have been completed. This gives us the opportunity to make any last-minute adjustments or changes before they are sent off to the engineers. You will have to sign off on remaining pages before any plans will be sent to engineers.

Once plans have been completed, we will start to work on a final budget. This typically takes about two weeks to put together and finalize. We will meet in person to go through your budget and answer any questions or concerns you may have. We will have detailed notes about what products are specified for the prices and what allowance items are set at. Once all parties have agreed on and signed off on a budget, we will move forward with signing and issuing a formal construction contract. 

You will be set up with the interior designer to make selections within three weeks of signing the construction contract. Gaskill Homes includes 10 hours of design time with Michelle Thomas Desing as part of the price on your new home. Any hours over the 10 hours will be billed at an hourly rate by Michelle Thomas Desing. During this time you will select almost all of the finishes for the interior as well as the exterior of your home.

During construction, we will have several scheduled on-site meetings to discuss various construction decisions that will need to be made.

Foundation Layout -  We will meet on site after the envelope has been staked to make sure that you are satisfied with how the home is oriented on the lot. We want to make sure to take into consideration the topography, views, wind and sun directions.

Electrical Walk -  The electrical walk will be conducted after boxes have been set, but before wires are pulled. This gives you the opportunity to move, delete, or add electrical components.      

Pre Sheetrock Walk -  We will meet before sheetrock is hung to verify that everything you have intended to put in your home is not only in, but in the correct place.

Trim Walk -  After texture has been completed, we will walk every closet to discuss layout and height of shelves, rods, etc. We want to make sure that your storage spaces meet your specific needs.               

Home Orientation -  When your home has been completed we will do a home orientation. This is where we discuss specific features and systems that you have in your home and how to operate them. Here is when we will also cover your warranty information and how to submit a request.   

Final Walk -   We will have one final walk the day before closing to make sure that any minor defects or issues discovered at the home orientation have been completed.       


After the final walk is complete, you will close on your new home. You will get periodic phone calls from us checking in to make sure that you are enjoying your new Gaskill Home and to see if there are any questions or concerns you may have.